Ryan, Mark, et al. The Wildwood Tarot: Wherein Wisdom Resides. Sterling Ethos, 2011.

The following are my raw notes taken while reading this book.

Part Two: The Path Through the Forest

The Major Arcana

1 The Shaman

Element: Air

Position on the Wheel: Within the hub of the Wheel, in the quarter representing Air

Mediates the element of Air, energies and levels of consciousness beyond understanding and therefore deemed to be magic.

Humanity used to be intimately interwoven with the wild. Human welfare depended upon a empathic exchange and respect for life. The Shaman was the specialist who would mediate between the wild and humanity to ensure balance.

This card is the gateway to the inner universe and the universal mind. The Shaman can commune with all levels of sentient life. This requires work on his part: studying creatures, weather patterns, plants. And he spends time to educate others of everything he has learned from his studies.

Embodying the Shaman within yourself will bring insight and understanding of your place in the world. Knowing where you are makes manifesting your will more successful. Becoming the Shaman will require dedication, patience and commitment, but that is the nature of life.

Reading Points: The Shaman within you is ready to engage in mysteries. You are in a position to engage and bring forth real change.


  • Roebuck skull rattle: Element of Air
  • Stone knife: Element of Earth
  • Smoking bundle: Element of Fire
  • Hollow antler-tine cup: Element of Water