Gaudet, Christiana. Tarot Tour Guide: Tarot, the Four Elements, and Your Spiritual Journey. 1st Ed. Jupiter Gardens Press, 2012.

The following are my raw notes taken while reading this book.

The Major Arcana

Card 1 The Magician

The Magician teaches us that we can see and use the tools that are already before us. That all that is necessary is for us to step forward and take control of the situation; all we need is to harness our own energy and we can manifest our will.

Can symbolize a "trickster" as he can create illusions.

Can symbolize the work required to become an adept, and is therefore referencing a scholar or student. Although we may have skills and abilities, it doesn't mean they are perfect right away. They need to be developed. This stage is part of taking action to manifest our will.

In reverse, the Magician can signify a lack of confidence in our own capabilities, or in developing our skills, or educating ourselves.


  • Four tools of magick
  • One hand points up, other points down: The magical principle "as above, so below". The Magician can channel energy from heaven to earth and back again.