Strickler, Devin. Tarot Fauna. Self-published via Blurb, 2018.

Table of Contents

The following are my raw notes taken while reading this book.


The Magician

Resourceful - Magic - Manifestation

Don't need to know why or how things are done. Have faith it will be done. The flying squirrel does not understand the physics of why his body allows him to fly, he just leaps and is able to glide.

Bring your energy and act. Have faith it will succeed.

Energy is being brought to you and will impact your life - things will change. But don't expect negative change, rather expect whatever is brought to you will push you towards success and fulfillment. As the Magician, you have all the tools and the skills to turn any situation to your advantage. What you will is what will become.

Have faith in yourself and you'll make your life what you want it.