Wood, Robin. Robin Wood Tarot: The Book. Livingtree Books, 1998.

The following are my raw notes taken while reading this book.

Major Arcana

1 - The Magician

Key - Creativity


  • Talents for originality, great creative powers, imagination, skill, diplomacy, and self-reliance.
  • Opportunity to use the above talents
  • Merging the Four Elements
  • Mastery of the Metaphysical
  • Will be given an opportunity to "show off" your skills


  • Figure's quiet confidence: The epitome of power is to hold one's confidence quietly.
  • Dark hair with dark eyes: He is an avatar of God, and God is the embodiment of both the light and dark aspects. The Magician is a balance between the dark and the light.
  • Hood of a deer head with intact antlers: The Magician is a priest of the Horned God.
  • Red Robe: Courage and life.
  • Robe's white lining: Purity of purpose, and absolute clarity of inspiration.
  • Robe's breast design: Two borders for balance and the duality of God.
  • White roses on robe: Freedom
  • White lilies on robe: Purity
  • Drops of dew on robe: Freshness of perspective
  • Intertwining roses and lilies on robe: The Magician works freely within both freedom and purity. They are rendered realistically to show freedom and purity is alive and growing in his life.
  • Gold: Mastery, and incorruptibility since gold never tarnishes or oxidizes.
  • Slightly opened robe: Open to new things
  • Naked under robe: Free and unashamed
  • Visible and hidden hands: Works within both the seen and unseen worlds.
  • Raised hand and lowered hand: As above, so below, all things are reflected between two worlds.
  • Right hand positioned more open than the Horned God hand position: The Magician is a representative of the Horned God, but is also himself.
  • Holding lemniscate: Wields power that lies in the realms of infinity and eternity. Has all the power needed to do as he wills. Undefeatable.
  • Sword for air and to know, wand for fire and to will, cup for water and to feel, pentacle for earth and to be still. He has control of these elements and states of being.
  • Tyr rune on sword: The god, Tiw, of oaths, legal contracts, honor, and courage. Knowledge extends into justice and honor.
  • Steel blade: Iron cuts through the sticky strands that evil creatures tend to bind things with. Knowledge grants the ability to overcome evil.
  • Mirror finish blade: Evil cannot stand mirrors.
  • Crystal wand: Clarity. Can also be charged to hold energy, giving the Magician access to energy.
  • Silver wire on wand: All things mysterious and hidden. The seen is wrapped in the unseen.
  • Amber on wand: Fire. As petrified sap, it represents life and the permanence that time can give. Associated with the Goddess, and gives some balance to all the God representations in the card.
  • Plain cup: Things can be straight forward, fanciness isn't necessary.
  • Gold cup: Male energies, the seen
  • Silver lined cup: Female energies, the unseen.
  • Water in cup: Clarity. Straightforward, as water is more useful than wine. Being too fancy can be problematic.
  • Gold disk: Sun and earthly.
  • Silver pentagram: Night and magic.
  • Pentacle: Balance. Person, a magical person on the earthly plane. Five elements (earth, air, fire, water, spirit) working as one within the disk.
  • Red roses: Passion.
  • Black candle: Unconscious mind
  • White candle: Conscious mind
  • Burning candles: The conscious and unconscious together illuminates the area to work within.