Pollack, Rachel. The Brady Tarot. 1st Ed. Self Published, 2018.

The following are my raw notes taken while reading this book.

Major Arcana

1: The Magician

The absolute start of something. The start of conscious self awareness.

In Norse tradition, Odin is an embodiment of The Magician, and he is accompanied by two ravens, Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory). Consciousness is composed of thought and memory.

In Pacific Northwest traditions, a raven bring humanity into the world, as well as the essentials of life: Sun, Moon, Fire and Water.

The Magician is commonly depicted pointing above at life and power and below at flowers. In the Brady Tarot, the Magician is a raven with one wing pointing up and the other down, becoming a ladder from earth to the heavens.


  • Raven: Intelligence (one of the most intelligent birds). Consciousness (Odin's companions, Thought and Memory, combined is consciousness). Creator (a raven brought the essentials of life and humanity to existence).
  • Raven pointing up and down: Bridge between earth and heaven. As above, so below.
  • Peacock feather: Element of Fire
  • Arrow: Element of Air
  • Roots: Element of Earth
  • Horn: Element of Water
  • Eagle feather pen: Eagles are closest to heaven
  • Yet unwritten, just bout to write: The path has only just begun, it has yet to be written