Seven Spheres by Rufus Opus

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Seven Spheres by Rufus Opus Seven Spheres is more than a simple book of traditional Hermetic Magic. It is designed to be a series of rituals that function on many levels to take an average ordinary magician and turn them into a self-actualized powerhouse of proactive reality engineering. It's entirely about attaining initiation and empowerment in the highest levels of un-manifest reality. These experiences and rites result in the release of a floodgate of power that pour down through the layers of progressive manifestation, building up awareness, understanding, and ultimately raw potential as you move from sphere to sphere through the rites, ultimately culminating in the anointing of the magician as Priest-King directing the forces that climax in your personal daily experience of the Joy of your life. This book isn't about physical or spiritual mastery, it is entirely about understanding that you, personally, are beloved, honored, blessed, and highly favored of every intelligence, spirit, angel, and god of every sphere. This is about understanding who you are and what you can accomplish as a human being manifest upon the surface of the Earth. Spiritual enlightenment and material mastery will be yours, if you do the work described. "There are few in the field today that have both technical expertise and a genuine love of the spirits. A man who is as on-fire with the Holy Spirit as a tent-revival preacher, but who can make complex evocation instruction as clear as your ABC's. Rufus Opus is that kind of Priest-Magician. For years he has been making laying down his brand of hermetic magic with style and sass on his blog and in his courses. Now with this book, he will be blowing open the gates for an even wider audience." -Jason Miller, author of Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit "Rufus Opus is a frequent speaker and panelist at Crucible convention that features active magical leaders from known and exotic paradigms. He has shown a great ability to add a combustive dynamic to his life through his own personal workings." -Arthur Moyer, Omnimancer, host of Crucible Convention "Rufus is a well-educated and experienced occultist who firmly knows and strongly communicates his field without scaring or dumbing down for an audience. He is one of my go to authors for collected works on the topic." -Andrei Freeman Note: This book is a stand-alone series of rites that can empower you and change your life if you do the magical rites as described in the book. However, it is also intended to be a textbook for a series of courses provided by Rufus Opus. If you are interested in additional training and more useful information, please contact Rufus at moc.suposufur|suposufur#moc.suposufur|suposufur.

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Can confirm, this book is great. If you like it, you might also want to ask Polyphanes for a copy of the course material from Rufus Opus’ Red Work Course.

Rig Veda

The journey involves a purification of one's being, symbolised by the strainer, PAVITRA, through which all thoughts, feelings and impulses are offered to the Divine to be purified and uplifted. The seeker attains to an inner state of harmony, SATTWA, and calm equanimity, SAMATA. Through adoration and devotion, BHAKTI, the human soul offers itself in surrender to the Divine Mother, ADITI, and feels the touch of the Divine Consciousness coming as peace, SHANTI, light, JYOTI, spiritual silence, MAUNA, and happiness, SUKHAM. Having passed through the strainer, one's offering becomes the wine of immortality, AMRITA, symbol of Divine Bliss. The world around reveals the splendourous beauty, LAVANYA, of the Universal Divine, and the seeker finds the beneficient influence and touch of the Divine, RASI, coming in all aspects of life.

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