This blog is a log of my exploration and studies of Celtic and Chinese spirituality. I come from an Irish heritage and am Pagan with strong Celtic leanings and take inspiration from Native American animism. I have married into a Chinese family whose spirituality revolves around ancestor veneration and Taoist influences.

For many years I was a "non practicing Pagan", just having my beliefs and being content to search no further. However, I am now rekindling my faith, and actively engaging in further research and study. I am surrounding myself with books and journaling, and working on creating a grimoire that outlines my beliefs, rituals, and reference materials.

I'm doing this for two reasons. One is that I suffer from disabling health issues which all have no known cause. You can read the about my illness on my personal blog if you're interested in the details, but it all comes down to the fact that every test that medical science has thrown at me has come back as me being perfectly healthy. Yet, I'm disabled. I am doing this research again into my faith and spirituality as a means to find a way to align my body and spirit together, or to at the very least ground my mental health.

My second reason for my studies is children. I want to have clear answers for my children when they ask me about the nature of the universe. I want them to have a clear understanding of our traditions (heck, I'd like us to have a clear understanding of our traditions). Our family is a cross of cultures. I come from an Irish Catholic family and converted to Paganism. My husband is a child of Chinese immigrants. And we both were born and raised in America. Our family, the family we're creating, is a blend of these cultures and influences. Therefore I have cast wide my range of research to not just my personal heritage, but also that of my husband, and that of this land we live on. And record what I learn into a grimoire we will share.

I have a personal philosophy of "Open Source and Open Documentation" (I was a web developer before I was disabled), and this blog is putting that philosophy into action. I'm sharing with you everything I learn during this period of study and development of our family grimoire.