I call upon the Spirit of Earth
To please help me
Dig my roots deep and be grounded.
Help me gain a calm patience
To wait. {deep breath} To observe.
So I may cooly take action After thoughtful care.

I call upon the Spirit of Water
To please help me.
Help my emotions come and go like the tide.
Please help the emotions that block my way
Wash away to the great ocean.
Please let the current of energies
Bring clarity to me of the minds of others
So I may better understand my place amongst people.

I call upon the Spirit of Fire
To please help me.
Help me feel the warmth of the hearthfire.
Help me feel the love from those I love.
Let that warmth burn within me
As an everlasting flame.
Power my life, purify my body,
And give power to my will to move forward.

I call upon the Spirit of Air
To please help me
Keep my mind clear of fog.
Help me break down internal barriers
So I may think freely.
Help me keep my mind open
So I can see all possibilities
That will give me hope
I can find a way through.

Thank you Earth.
Thank you Water.
Thank you Fire.
Thank you Air.

Thank you for helping me
With the ability to participate
Making this world flourish.

The intended use is to say each section while rotating a bead representing that element. Say it for each bead, then move onto the next section and element. Once you get to the tail, say thanks to each element with the corresponding bead, and finally to remember we’re a part of the tree of life.

The order is significant: Earth is an emergency emotional stabilizer; Water washes you clean; Fire reinvigorates you; and Air sets you free.

I remember what each section’s intention is and focus on that while going through the rosary.

  • Earth gives stability. It also teaches stillness, and patience.
  • Water empowers emotions, and we want our emotions to come and then go and not stick behind inappropriately. Sometimes emotions get stuck, and the water can help wash them away. Water also can help with connecting with the emotions of others. Being able to read and understand other people can help us to better understand how we fit amongst them.
  • Fire empowers our life force, our family, our communities. Remember that you have a connection with others, and their love for you gives you power, too. Fire also pushes forward our will and motivation.
  • Air focuses on our mind. We want the fog, litter, and straight up barriers and boxes to be cleared away. Then we can see so much more, and have the clarity to see hope.
  • The Tree of Life symbolizes the growth and branching of life. We’re a part of that. That’s the point of why we’re here. Once we’re balanced we can more fully participate and make positive changes.

I somewhat see the entire process like Earth turning into a statue, having a gush of Water to wash me clean, then Fire to bring me back to life, and Air to release me and send me off.