20 Jan 201726 May 2020 20:15


I am studying tarot, and this is actually my second reading ever. I decided that today, Trump's inauguration, it would be a great practice exercise to see what is the best way to approach Trump's presidency.

Full disclosure: I voted for Hillary Clinton. The vast majority of my friends are Democrats and liberals, so I hear of their pain. I also have friends who are Republicans and conservatives, some who voted for Trump and some who did not. I also hear their pain. I hear the distress from both sides. I want some insight on how to approach this next presidency, in a balanced and fair manner, but I understand I cannot at this time completely rid myself of bias. But I hope that what I've read from this spread has been done with balance.

The core issue we should be aware of is Trump's unbalanced flow of creative energy. We should remain aware of his work style, and that while he is inexperienced with governance, he could miss important details. He may not have 100% of himself invested into governance of a country and his efforts may be rerouted through the distractions of business.

We could see his unbalanced creative energy manifest as stagnation, lack-luster results, and a seeming contradiction to his efforts. His motto, "Make America Great Again," won't move us forward. His tendency to exuberantly stress how successful his ideas and accomplishments are will make the actual results appear disappointing. His efforts to force something will backfire and prevent any gains from being won.

The most shocking thing I see from this spread is that disloyalty may be the best thing for us. We may just need to buck the system, both in law and social bonds. We may need to break away from a group, and take action that will be seen as a betrayal. Law, "The Man," may be more hurtful than helpful, and so we're going to need the clarity to see when that is happening and the strength to break our rules.

We hope that we the people, our resources, our economy, the earth itself won't be foolishly over expended. The loudest hope that has been expressed is that our healthcare be taken care of. We hope that our struggle won't be overlooked and our healthcare preserved.

We fear there being celebrations of success without any real achievement behind it. We fear that Trump's creations will be highly praised and overlook the fact the results may have been lack-luster and stagnant. That his work will not be considered with honest and clear eyes, and we'll be lost in misdirected congratulatory echos. Our biggest fear would be to see celebrations on a successful overhaul of the healthcare system when we see all around us that it became worse.

Our best way through is to put our trust in karma. We should not be worried about everything being destroyed - it will come right back into balance. We should not be vindictive, and trust everyone will face judgement. Nature is so much grander than any one country, and it will force balance. Instead, we should focus on ourselves, and our own personal journey. How we approach Trump's presidency will define us, and we should make sure that our thoughts and actions will have karma take kindly upon us.

The wisdom we should take away is to focus on the greater good - no matter the sacrifices required. We need to remember how much power can be achieved if we dedicate ourselves to something. Through consistent hard work and self-discipline we can achieve anything. What should you dedicate yourself to work towards?