This is a collection of all I have learned in occultism and spirituality. The content is broken up into three primary sections:

  • Blog: Updates about significant new content in the other sections of this website, and opinion pieces. Basically any communication from me to you, the reader.
  • Grimoire: All of my documented personal beliefs on spirituality, deity, magic, and more. The occultism collection. This is the first draft of my actual grimoire; the raw content before it is placed within the design of a page and added to my book. Each page has two sections: "main" contains my beliefs written as fact, and "discussion" has the sources I used and my reasoning behind decisions and possible other conclusions.
  • Research: The unopinionated raw notes I've taken during research. I am no longer taking notes on paper, and will be directly writing them on this section of the site. I take the information I learn from my research and eventually formulate my own conclusions that will be documented within the grimoire. If you want the raw distillation of a specific source, this is the place.

Please note that this website is quite new and so does not contain much content. The grimoire and research sections are especially bare and will remain so until there is enough content to give shape to their structure. In the mean time I have taken them off the main navigation, but you can still reach them from the links in the list above. Just, don't expect too much!

Why does this site exist?

I believe in open source, open documentation. That won't mean much from non-software developers, but it means a lot to me, even when outside of the tech sphere.

I believe in sharing knowledge. I want to share my knowledge with you. I understand there are interpretations of "to keep silent" that mean to not share knowledge, but keeping things secretive doesn't feel right to me. Knowledge is the meaning of life, and I believe everyone should have the opportunity to accumulate all knowledge (my reasoning behind this will be uploaded to the grimoire eventually).

This site and its content is also structured this way to make my life easier. Originally this site was intended to be merely a blog and I would upload grimoire pages as I completed them. But it has become apparent that my research and writing requires an ability to store a large reservoir of information and easily be able to restructure that information. Given various needs and restraints, a wiki is the best means of storing this information.

Since I believe in open documentation, if I'm going to have a wiki, I might as well share it.


All content, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. In summary, this means:

  • You are free to use my work for personal private projects however you'd like. Copy it all and make your own grimoire. Be my guest.
  • You are free to share my work as long as you give me credit. Print it out and give it to your friends, that's great. Just make sure your friends know I authored it.
  • You are free to modify my content and make derivatives as long as you 1) give me credit and distinguish which is my work and which is yours, and 2) share your work under this same license. Take one of my rituals, change it to make it yours, and share it with your friends. Just make sure they know you used my work as a source, and give everyone the same rights to your work as I am giving to you.
  • You are not allowed earn money from my work. I reserve all rights to earn an income on the basis of any and all content on this website. I do plan to publish this content as a book. Your derivative work is also not licensed to be sold.

You are welcome to contact me regarding any questions with this license, or to be granted exceptions to this license.

My background

In short, I am a skeptical spiritualist. One part of me is as rational as an atheist. The other part of me is a true believer in the metaphysical. My rational side tells me metaphysics can't possibly exist, while also finding an utter lack of non-metaphysical answers to why some things occur. Ultimately, my conclusions stand on a razor's edge between mind-over-body (placebo effect) and being surrounded by an actual metaphysical layer of existence of which I am able to influence. I am a conservative metaphysician, so I walk slowly and cautiously and methodically study everything I encounter.

My goal is to discover the reality that is hidden under all of the world's religions and belief systems. There are common denominators and I want to find them. This is not restricted to merely metaphysical beliefs. I also strive to understand the mind, body, and society. Not all questions are based in metaphysics, and neither are all answers. In order to know the truth of the metaphysical, I also must know the truth of the physical. This can prove just a tricky when diving into the truth about our minds.

I was raised Catholic, but it never stuck; I was constantly in a state of disbelief. I eventually discovered paganism and acquired that label. I am of Irish descent, so my spiritual base is in Irish Celtic mysticism. I am also an American and have reverence for the various Native American belief systems and believe it is wise to study the native spiritualism of the land one lives on. I have married into a Chinese family whose practices are steeped in Chinese Buddhist rituals and their local folk traditions.

My base beliefs and the direction of studies are therefore European, Chinese, and American. I am not limited to these cultures. My goal is to study and understand as much as I can. A given geography or culture does not have the truth for merely being from that geography or culture. Anyone, at any point in our history, may have made the closest discovery of the truth. My intention is to find that truth.