I use the astronomical dates for sabbats rather than their dates adjusted to the Gregorian calendar.


Four Elements Prayer

New grimoire addition. This prayer is intended to be used with a four elements rosary, saying the prayer while turning each bead. I somewhat see the entire process like Earth turning into a statue, having a gush of Water to wash me clean, then Fire to bring me back to life, and Air to release me and send me off.


My Tarot Journal

Tarot journaling quickly balloons in information, so I ended up with FOUR tarot journals. I have pages for both the RWS deck and my primary deck, as well as copious notes for each card for each deck. Just, basically, this is a lot of information.


Exploring Insecurity and Self Worth

Anything that can threaten our basic needs for survival -- food and shelter -- will make us feel insecure. We can help soothe these fears by trusting in ourselves, those around us, and that those closest to us will provide a safety net if we ultimately fail. It is that last point that seems to drive our insecurities the most.


Make Your Own RWS Tarot Coloring Book

Using the free black and white tarot images I provided in a prior post, you can make your very own tarot coloring book! This will guide you from printing to binding, and let you know about helpful tools you can use to make your DIY coloring book look great.


Here is the ultimate collection of black and white RWS tarot images in PDF format all for free. The RWS deck is so old that it is now in the public domain both under the old system and new system (life+70 years), so I am offering my collection for free.


I decided that today, Trump's inauguration, it would be a great practice exercise to see what is the best way to approach Trump's presidency.

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does this show up?

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does this show up?

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